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Deck Staining

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Deck Staining

Keeping your deck maintained is an important part of upkeeping its structural integrity. An integral component of this process is choosing a stain that will protect the wood from a variety of elements, such as rotting, warping, weather, and UV rays.


But beyond that, a gorgeous stain can completely revamp an old and grungy looking deck, especially if you pick a shade that complements your home and landscaping. If you’re not sure when the last time your deck was stained or you’re beginning to notice some wear and tear and want to prevent additional damage, then it’s time to re-stain!


When you schedule a free consultation with us, we’ll analyze your deck’s current condition and then discuss what type and shade of stain you’d like.

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Deck Cleaning and Staining Services


We typically begin by stripping any current stain or finish off your deck and then thoroughly cleaning it and allowing it to dry. If any additional work is needed at this point, we’ll let you know and allow you to advise us on how to proceed. Some contractors use a pH balancer and a mold cleaner as additional steps to further protect your deck and we can discuss the pros and cons of this, helping you determine whether or not this is an additional precaution you’d like to take.


Once your deck is cleaned and dried, we’ll hand-paint on the stain ensuring maximum coverage and minimal mess. We offer a variety of shades and can even do our best to match your previous shade, even if you’re unsure of the exact name or color.

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